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4 Signs It’s Time To Look For New Office Space

4 Signs it’s Time to Look for New Office Space

As your business grows, your office space may not grow with you in the way you envisioned. Is it time to branch out to a new office? Here are some signs that it might be time to look for a new office space.

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No Room to Grow

When your business is growing, it will most likely need more physical space for it to grow. In the middle of a hectic work week, it can be difficult to pause and grasp just exactly how much space you need for your business to function. To help get a feel for your current space and utilization, try to keep track of the rooms in use. How many people are in a room at a given time on average? Are you struggling to house important, larger meetings? Is your office space severely lacking privacy for personal or private meetings? These are all factors to watch out for as they can lead to an unproductive and hostile work environment. By moving to an office that better suits your business goals, you can help foster a more productive work environment by offering your employees more space and privacy.

Changes in Workforce

As your business grows, your workforce also can change. Take note of any trends that you have noticed over the past few months in your office. Has there been a recent trend in employees moving on from your business? Has it been more difficult finding good talent? People may move on to other employers for various reasons but chances are if you are treating your employees like sardines, it may be the final straw. Working in cramped conditions with limited space can increase the stress levels of employers regardless of their workload. Having an appropriate amount of office space for each employee will help your business retain employees for the long run.

Outdated Office Space

When thinking of attracting talent, your office environment can be a deciding factor to job hunters. Another possible reason for a downward trend in applicants and the ability to retain employees may be because your workplace is too old. Whether  your current space is technologically outdated or hasn’t seen new counter tops in at least a decade, it may be time to refresh your space to help create a positive and comfortable work environment. Your office doesn’t need to be brand new, but if there any hazards or elements in need of repair, then it may be a good time to seek something more current.

New Office Space Location

We all know the cliche, but when making the jump to an office space it really rings true especially considering your type of business and the location of your employees. No one wants to commute to the middle of nowhere with limited business resources around. If you happen to live closer than your employees to a new proposed location, it might cause extra strain on your employees that can be easily avoided with a shorter commute. You’ll want to find a location that is a good fit for you, your employees, your industry and most importantly, make sure you find a central location for your new office space with your main business objectives and goals in mind.

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