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5 Signs Your Office Space Is Too Crowded

5 Signs Your Office Space is Too Crowded

Your new business is finally hitting its stride and providing a steady income for you and your employees to build on. As you continue to grow, you begin to hear more comments from employees or clients that your office space is “cozy.” Maybe you’ve missed it, but thorough this growth there has been an increase in workforce, revenue, and inventory, but at the cost of personal space and storage. Read the signs below to tell what makes an office space crowded.

Lack of Personal Space

Having a smaller office space can help bring your team together and can help increase productivity. If you’ve been hearing an increase in comments regarding your office space it may be a sign that your current lease isn’t working out. Putting workers together may help them work better as a team, but in the long room you may see some negative side affects. Lack of privacy in the workplace can drum up stress with some workers. The last thing your employees want to deal with is disruptive conversations from coworkers right next to them. A tight-knit workplace can be productive  but too tight can help facilitate a toxic culture. Ideally, you look to get 125 to 225 usable square feet of office space per person in a space for your business. Any smaller and you may run the risk of harboring a disruptive and unproductive work environment.

How to Choose the Best Office Location

No Storage

Cloud computing has done wonders cleaning up the folders and filing cabinets of old. Any document you would like to store can be done so right in your business’ database. This can help increase usable space in your office. But if your business’ office space requires room for inventory or additional storage, you will want to consider larger options in a space. To help facilitate growth for your business, you will need an office space that will also facilitate your business goals and growth.

Booked Meeting Room

The more your business is growing, the more you will have important client and vendor meetings on-site. If there’s only one conference room in your space that consistently booked throughout the week, you may end up causing more conflicts within your business. A  business owner should be focused on running the business rather and having to worry about menial tasks can interfere with time that could be spent on making important business decisions.

Increase in Workplace Accidents

Has there been a trending uptick in workplace accidents a your company grows? Chances are the more employees you have cooped up in a smaller office space, the more hazardous the working conditions are. Having to constantly look around and over your shoulder just to stretch can get annoying as the months go by. If your employees are constantly bumping elbows or even heads while performing day to day tasks, you are out growing your current office space. You shouldn’t have to suck in your gut just to get by an employee in your backroom inventory space. The less there are of bumping heads physically in the workplace with a bigger office space means there will be less bumping of heads verbally moving forward.

4 Signs its Time to Look For New Office Space

Losing Employees

If the signs above have boiled over in an employee’s mind for too long, you might notice an increase in your employees leaving. It may seem obvious to say that employees won’t like working in cramped, toxic work environments, but the hardest part is determining if your business fits the bill to change for the better. If you haven’t made any changes or accommodations for employees to provide a better work environment, the harder it will be to retain employees. Fed up employees and a constant change in workforce is the culmination of the lack of space for your employees. Knowing your business in and out will help you understand employees needs and provide a productive and healthy work environment for your employees and to help prevent keeping an office space crowded.

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