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What’s The Best Workplace Temperature?

What’s the Best Workplace Temperature?

Employees are bundled up at their desks and many are wearing extra layers to stay warm. As a business owner, you have to make the decision to turn up the dial on your dime. How early is too early in the season and how hot is too hot? Every owner or manager strives to provide the best possible environment for their employees to succeed. This also includes the physical environment as well. Having a space that is too hot or too cold can cause just the right amount of distraction and prevent your employees from relishing in a comfortable environment. When heating or cooling your space, keep these two main factors in mind to find the best workplace temperature.


If you have to think about how many layers you’re going to wear inside the office today, it’s not an efficient workplace. Giving employees the comfort of not having to worry about office conditions helps them focus on bigger tasks at hand. For a comfortable office environment, it is recommended to keep the temperature in the 69-73° range. This golden range will will help your business’ overall bottom line.


When worrying about employee comfort, you will also have to keep in mind the cost for keeping your space at its desired temperature. Keeping track of the temperature will help you have a better handle on your utility bills each month. Ideally, you want to have your space at the highest or lowest acceptable temperature setting for employees depending on the season. Having your employees’ comfort and productivity in mind, you will have to find the sweet spot that appeases the majority of your office. The sweet spot isn’t the same for everyone. Most consider the best cost effective temperature settings to be 78° or warmer during summer office hours. In the winter, 68° or cooler during office hours is what you should shoot for.

Find  Your Best Workplace Temperature

Finding the sweet spot of cost and comfort will not be as easy as it seems. Once you find a temperature that keeps the majority of your office happy as well as your wallet, you can get back to more important matters for your business.

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