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Business Development can take form in many facets. Our team has the years and experience to cater to your stage of development in both business and real estate needs.

  • Are you a grass roots company looking for ways to approach the market?
  • Are you established but may need to expand your space needs?
  • Are you adjusting your financial model…What banks may work with you?
  • Have you considered owning real estate?

Most clients that have signed with us continue to operate their businesses within our buildings. We hope that our retention rate is a reflection of our attention to our clients’ development needs. Naturally we are huge fans of our clients’ success and love to see them establish their businesses. When it comes time to make a maneuver for your business or simply increase the square footage of your space we will be there for you with the tape measure and all our consulting services to make the transition as seamless as possible. Some clients partnered with us as owners of the building they do business. Please contact us if you may be interested in real estate investment.

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