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We can help you build customized office or retail space! Do you remember searching for that perfect home or apartment? More often than not, people settle for something that they are happy with, but there is always something that could be replaced, fixed, or simply removed. Well, there’s no difference when looking for the perfect office space. Florian Properties understands the importance of having that dream office you’ve always wanted and that is why we help guide and build that space for you!

For more than 20 years Florian Properties has successfully built custom suites for new and existing tenants fostering a long and prosperous business relationship. Building a space to suit is not only aesthetically pleasing but will also allow you to maximize floor space, increase productivity, and make more enjoyable experience for your clients.

If you are one of many who is tired of mediocrity, let Florian Properties help you personalize that perfect place to grow your business.

The graphic below gives you a good visual on the benefits of working with a company capable of the design – build method as oppose to the traditional method or do it yourself approach.  You can see that the Design-Build method consolidated the steps as well as eliminates the burden of the bidding process and contracting.  FloPro grew up in the construction industry.  Why not let us put our expertise to work for your company.

Design Build Space for Lease

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