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How To Evaluate Your Office Location

How to Evaluate Your Office Location

After narrowing down the search for a new office location for your business, you think you’ve found the perfect place to call work. At a quick glance it seems a perfect match but how will you really know that your perfect spot is actually perfect? Be sure to consider the factors below to better evaluate an office location.

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The Journey

When thinking of location, you will have to put yourself into the minds of your employees. Is the commute too long? Is the new office out of the way? Are clients or vendors going to be able to find us easily? If you think the area for you office is acceptable but is hard to access, is it really an acceptable location for your business? If the proposed location for your office is on a busy stretch of road, will the rush hours be a headache for your business? Test out the area to map out what times of day the roads are the busiest.

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Every business wants to be in a desirable location. But if the town your business is located in has a bad reputation or is looked down upon, it can affect the overall image of your business. Clients can be turned off by a company that isn’t concerned with being in a questionable town or neighborhood. Get to know the reputation of your desired business location before you settle on that specific spot.

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When thinking of convenience for your office, think of the nearby amenities your ideal location offers. Where will clients coming from out of town stay? What restaurants are nearby that are good places for meetings? Are there stores around for quick errand runs? Having solid answers for these questions will help fill in the cracks and solidify an ideal office location. Failure to consider the convenience your location offers will only cause more headaches in the future.

It may not  be an obvious, everyday thought, but thinking of the smaller details now will prevent more stress later on when evaluating an office location.

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