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  1. Who manages the company?

Florian Properties, founded by Mat Florian, exclusively manages all properties owned by Mat and his wife Michelle Florian. The company has been family run since its beginning providing management, maintenance and leasing services. The office consists of a bookkeeper, admin assistant and marketing members, a property manager and project manager. We also house a team of field technicians ranging from landscapers to maintenance techs and construction tradesmen. Mat Florian oversees all office operations as well as the field.


  1. What about parking?

Most of our properties have free on site parking.


  1. What about utilities?

Our buildings spaces are mostly metered separately and clients pay their own utilities.


  1. Is the space energy efficient?

Since most of our space has been renovated our insulation and mechanical units have been updated to current standards.


  1. Who does maintenance?

In house employees do most all maintenance. We do use local sub contractors when in need of additional expertise for special cases.


  1. Can I buy my space?

Florian Properties is always willing to consult with clients about their interest in real estate investments. We have made partnerships since the start of the company and would be happy to explore greater opportunities with you.


  1. Why sign a lease?

A lease protects both parties. A lease gains you a tangible stability to your business plan. It is the meeting of the minds in writing that dictates the terms set between yourself and the landlord. Most landlords require leases.


  1. Is space H.C. compliant?


  1. When is rent due?

1st of the month or otherwise date agreed upon per the leasing terms.


  1. What is Triple Net?

In some buildings this can apply. It includes all operating expenses.


  1. What do I pay in addition to rent?

In most cases you pay utilities, interior cleaning, minor and maintenance within your space.


  1. Why rent from Florian Properties?

We always keep you success in mind. We offer 24/7 service and consultation for business and real estate needs.

  1. Can I network with other business owners?

We encourage networking with all our tenants and are willing to assist in these efforts.


  1. Why should I do business in Southington?

Southington today is a growing community, once described as “A Microcosm of America.” The town is located in Hartford County, within 20 miles of Hartford and 9 miles of Waterbury, and includes the sections of Plantsville, Milldale, and Marion. The geographic area of the town is 36.8 square miles, ranking it 40th out of 169 Connecticut towns and its population is approximately 42,000. While today it is a modern residential, commercial, and industrial community, Southington is proud of its history.

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