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How To Choose The Best Office Location

How to Choose the Best Office Location

Finding the Best Office Location

If you’ve recently decided that moving to a new office space is right for your business, there are a lot of questions that will follow. The biggest of these will be the actual location of your new space. Despite being the most obvious requirement in the search for new real estate, there are certain factors that can be overlooked and must be considered when you begin to shop for new space. Consider the following tips when looking for the best office location for your business.

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Get to Know the Area

When considering the best office location for your business, you must also know your customers and how well your business will fit into the community. If your business relies on local customers, is a sufficient amount of the population a good fit for your target market? If you are looking to move your home brewing supplies store, does your desired area have an interest in the craft beer scene? Being located in an area that won’t fit your target market or is economically dependent on one industry can be detrimental to the growth of your business.

However, if your company does not rely on local customers, you will still have to consider your work force when moving. Is this desired location outside of current commuting distance? If so, it is important to take in the quality of life it will give your employees. You will have to determine if the location will provide adequate schools, living conditions, and recreation to your employees before the move.

If company growth is expected upon finding a new location, is there a sufficient amount of skilled workers in your industry in your desired location? Find out what skills in your industry are most important in a prospective employee and see if they are available in your area.

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Accessibility is Key

Is your desired building accessible? Put yourself in the position of your customers, employers, and vendors. Think about how each will get to and access the building on an average day. Certain details such as the number of parking spaces can affect your day to day business  by causing any conflicts that can be initially avoided. Instead of focusing on work, your employees will be concerned with the possibility of not being able to find a spot first thing in the morning. Similar conflicts can cause unrest in the office and will affect employee performance.

When dealing with your suppliers or vendors, you will want to make sure that your space can accommodate them for quick and easy drop-offs. If your business gets supplies from large vehicles you will need to make sure you have the accommodating features to ensure quick and easy delivery for drivers’ tight schedules. Lack of a loading dock for your vendors will only cause headaches for both the vendor and your business. Take the time to assess a property and make sure not just your needs are met when getting to the building.

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Determine the Desired Foot Traffic

When speaking of accessibility, if your current location has great foot traffic for your business, you won’t want that to change. A larger space will be easier to operate out of but will mean little when customers can’t find your store or if hardly anyone ever walks by. If your business is more confidential, you may want to consider a space that is a compromise of ease of access and privacy. Either way, monitor the traffic at your ideal location to see how it compares to your current spot during similar times of the day.

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Locate the Competition

Will you benefit from being near similar businesses? This will be key when searching for the best office location. If your business relies on getting customers in the door, you may benefit from having competition nearby. Giving consumers an alternative when cross-shopping can help increase awareness of your business. It may also help you attract skilled talent and vending options when in a location that is a hotbed for your industry. However, if your desired area is over-saturated with competition that won’t be beneficial for the long term, it might be time to look elsewhere.

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Be Confident in Your Business

After continuous searches for the best office location, the most important factor in finding a space is having confidence in your business. No one should know your business better than yourself. Knowing the infinite details about your business’ needs for growth will be vital when searching. Keeping your main goals in mind at all times will help you gain a better understanding of the tangibles that are needed a new space for your growing business.

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