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Serenity Now! A commercial development in a residential neighborhood had everyone wondering…What will this be?!?!

At the end of our construction and beautification processes, our neighbors became our biggest fans. With a happy neighborhood came some good karma and as a result we had a few excellent businesses open their doors under our roof.

The second floor houses a mortgage brokerage accompanied by an in office law firm and tax firm. We at Florian Properties advocate this business as one of the most professional services in the industry. Bloom Yoga! A “feel good” company for many reasons. The success story of this operation as a growing business has motivated many others into business themselves.

As a real estate development company we witnessed a demand for space of businesses directly related to Bloom Yoga’s industry. This is a true case of making the pie bigger. Thank you Julie, owner of Bloom, for introducing more operators to our buildings and keeping the business in our beautiful town of Southington.

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