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Southington High School Fitness Center

Southington High School Fitness Center

We at Florian Properties would like to take some time to reminisce about a project that is truly close to our hearts. Back in 2005 we wanted to give back to the community and develop the Southington High School Fitness Center. Mat Florian has been an active business leader in Southington for over 25 years. He and his wife have 5 children who have all gone to Southington High School and each one of them has been involved in athletics. The reason Mat and his wife took on this challenge was because the students were lacking a facility for heath and wellness.  Our goal was to benefit the entire student population by providing a state of the art facility.  We wanted to create an atmosphere of for not only the student athletes, but the entire student body.

They approached the principal of Southington High School with his idea and she was instantly on board. Upon first look at the space it was a 10,000 sq. ft storage space being used to store books, boxes and old computers (See pictures below.) Mat assessed what needed to be done and he along with his crew, went to the highschool, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They started with the wrestling room first and expanded from there.

Through physical work, engineering, architecture, permits and consultation Florian Properties was able to bring the 10,000 sq ft space to city and state code compliance.  This enabled the once vacant area to now be used as a training facility and instructional space for education.  Upon completion Mat and Michelle Florian had a significant financial and personal investment.  These efforts in combination with Florian Properties and the help of local subcontractors made this possibility become a reality. This positive community project truly represents everything Mat & Michelle’s family, business and the community of Southington stand for. Florian Properties would like to thank those individuals in the community who donated their time such as Mike Cozzolino, LinkedIn who helped with the electrical work done by Bussett Electric and Bill Fontaine who provided a donation towards the HVAC system install.

Also we want to thank Sarah H Lynn for her good faith and donation as well as others in for their support during our efforts.



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