Our Team

Portfolio Manager

Justin French

Introducing Justin, the orchestrator behind the scenes at Florian Properties, with over 13 years of experience in property management and real estate development. Serving as the backbone of operations, Justin excels in team leadership and keen project oversight. His ability to recognize individual strengths and promote collaboration not only empowers our team but also guarantees the smooth execution of each project. When he’s not managing project timelines or leading his team, you can find Justin spending time with his family, watching sports, or exploring the serene landscapes of Rangeley, Maine, where he finds inspiration and tranquility.

Senior Accountant

Heather Wergin

Heather Wergin is our seasoned Senior Accountant at Florian Properties, where she’s contributed for over a decade. Her expertise spans accounting, tax preparation, and general finance, and holds the distinction of being an Enrolled Agent.

Away from the numbers, you’ll find her soaking up precious moments with her family, exploring the enchantment of Disney, and embarking on exciting weekend journeys.

She prides herself on being dedicated, honest, and hardworking. These traits drive her commitment to delivering excellence in every financial endeavor. If you’re seeking insights on accounting, tax strategies, or even recommendations for your next travel destination, Heather is here as a resource and collaborator.

Property Manager

Kelly Fancher

Kelly Fancher has been proudly serving as a dedicated Property Manager at Florian Properties for the past 2 years. She thrives on being hardworking and has a genuine passion for learning new skills which has enabled her to be essential to many facets of Florian Properties. Her patience and strong communication abilities ensure that she consistently delivers exceptional customer service.

When she is not immersed in the world of property management, you’ll find her indulging in her love for cooking, reading a book, or spending time with friends and family. She is always excited to collaborate, learn, and contribute to our shared goals.

Lead Maintenance Technician

Bruce Pinette

Bruce holds the role of Lead Maintenance Technician at Florian Properties, boasting a decade of dedicated service within the company. He is the initial point of contact whenever a repair is required, showcasing an extensive skill set that spans from roofing to plumbing. Bruce is our trusted go-to expert for all hands-on tasks.

Beyond his role at Florian Properties, Bruce finds solace in the great outdoors, relishing in activities like swimming and pursuing his passion for skiing.

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